Every Once In A While… You Get To Relax

img_5666It is so rare in my life that I begin and end a day with no agenda. Tuesday was that day.

  • One of the blessings and curses about visiting the West is the time zone situation. I generally wake up at about 4:00 in the morning every morning because of my natural alarm clock. This has been EXCELLENT for my productivity at work, because I slip downstairs and sit at my parents’ kitchen table for a few hours drinking coffee, respond to emails and watch the sun come up for about five┬áhours. I love sunrise. I have always been a morning person. Tomorrow I am planning on sneaking in a run bright and early.img_5657
  • After my mom got started for the day, we headed into Gig Harbor to buy some stocking stuffers. We went to my FAVORITE little shop downtown called The Harbor General Store. We hit up a few other gift shops and just talked.img_5656
  • I rounded out the afternoon by going on a walk with my Dad at another hometown favorite! I have talked before about my passionate love for the local nature trails by my home. I took Dad on a good old fashioned KJ Power Walk for about an hour. I almost killed him but I think he loved the fresh air… and I can assure you he loved being blog photographer.


Best part of my day was having my mom ask me to take her headshot for her. She is speaking at a conference in February and needed to submit a headshot. The dogs…. were not helpful. Honored that she asked for my help… but mostly loved that I got some great pics for her out of the deal.

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