My Fav Christmas Traditions

img_4052Holy cow! This weekend came faster than I was ready for! I have been in Seattle for five days now spending quality time with my family and friends. Now it is officially time for the holiday traditions to begin. Here are a few memories I have and adore.


  • Ever since I can remember, my family has made a beautiful Christmas Eve meal that we would eat before or after church depending on our schedule for the day. My sister and I would sit in the back seat of my Dad’s car rolling our eyes at his dad jokes and harassing my mom for always being late. Our family church would spend the first 30 minutes of every Christmas Eve service singing christmas carols. At the end of the evening, we would always finish with Silent Night and each light candles and turn off the sanctuary lights. My dad would always pretend to drip candle wax on us and my sister would try to burn as much of the candle as possible while my mom side-eyed us and pretended we were civilized. Of course, we finished the evening with the ceremonious opening up of one present… which is and always will be… pajamas!img_4067
  • My family is a Satsuma-at-the-end-of-the-stocking type of family. Is this a weird thing? Are we the only people out there who do this? This year, my mom has been to every grocery store in a 20-mile radius looking for organic Satsumas… and if you think I am kidding, I need you to understand this woman created me, so yes she is not a quitter, wildly stubborn and mostly persistent in her convictions. When we were kids, my parents had to make rules about when we could go downstairs. My sister was totally a open-all-of-the-gifts-and-rewrap-them type of child. And the worst part is she would never tell me she was getting up to go do it, so I was blind to all of her awesome ideas.img_4061
  • We always drive into the city on Christmas day to go and see my parents’ families. I vividly remember the drives back on Christmas nights. A car full of the most important people in my life, each content because the build up and pressure is finally over. We were all free to just be ourselves and make jokes. Seattle has always done an amazing job at lighting up the city for the Christmas holiday. All of the cranes in the shipping ports are decorated with lights. The Union Building changes its bulbs to alternate between green and red. The Space Needle has Christmas Tree lights on it and the radio towers on Queen Anne Hill are lit up like Christmas trees too. It is beautiful. We would always point out the lights on the way home. Seeing those lights are what Christmas is to me.img_4058

I could not be more happy to be home. Even though all the excitement has changed, I still love our church, our little family traditions and mostly being in the place I have called home for EVERY SINGLE one of my Christmases.

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