New Year’s Resolution: Part 1 – Eat Healty

img_4173I have to be honest. We are at my favorite part of the holiday… the part where we all get our lives back in order. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a grinch… it is just after Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas… there is nothing I want more than to hit the HUGE reset button in my life!  Europe1.08

I know we are all looking forward to 2017 and all of the positive changes we are going to make in our lives. For the remainder of the week I am going to go over the most common New Year’s resolutions we all make and give out tips, shortcuts, as well as make some promises of my own!  cabo 03

Here are the 4 most common Resolutions my people and I make:

  1. Eat Healthy
  2. Get Organized
  3. Stick to a Fitness Plan
  4. Get A Budget

Today we are starting with eating healthy! 70% of your physique is created by your diet! ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN! If you want to get a bangin’ body in 2017, it starts with your mouth… not the gym! Lets talk food!7.19.02

  • You need to figure out what is right for you and stick with it. I have a NASTY sweet tooth and I CRAVE sweets at the end of every day. Seriously, something at 3:00 pm takes over my body and I become a HAUT MESS looking for sugar. I cannot eat legumes at all… they feel like a knife fight inside my body. I also immediately inflame after any type of carbohydrate. I learned ALL OF THIS about my body after doing my first Whole30 this past July. I am doing another Whole30 this January for my 2017 ‘eat healthy’ kick off starting the 2nd. I am recruiting a fierce posse of friends to do it with me… if you want to join, message me or comment below! If you are serious about being a healthier eater, begin your year with an entire re-start in the food department. During my first Whole30, there was a point in the middle of it where I looked at myself in the mirror and had the body I have always wanted… that swiftly disappeared after an onslaught of peaches and sugar… see above.

    Grocery Shopping after Europe to prepare for Fitness week!

  • My rule has always been track it. If it goes past your lips it goes in your app. My FAV tracking app is Lose It. It is free. It measures protein, fats and carbs for all of my Calisthenics Diet people. It syncs with your Apple Fit and your FitBit app. It subtracts calories after you reached a certain amount of burn a day. It also has a bar code scanner for wrappers on the go. I have used a few other tracking databases and this is honestly the best. I have not purchased the premium app, but I might think about it this year!img_3814
  • I LOVE Shakeology. I stopped ordering it during my Whole30 this summer because it is not allowed. I felt like it helped me kick my sugar craving. I also LOVE the Beachbody 3-day refresh cleanse. I know there are tons of awesome shakes and protein supplements out there that will help you with your path to healthy eating. A few of my tricks are these
    • If you are hungry, try drinking water – Dehydration makes you hungry.
    • If you are crazy about losing weight and building muscle I have read that you should consume as many grams of protein as your ideal weight … so if you want to weigh 150lbs, you need to consume 150 grams of protein a day (beware of sugars).
    • Nothing will ever help you as much as veggies. Americans do not eat nearly enough veggies in every meal. Sub a banana (which makes you bloat) with a bowl of spinach.  Eat a green pepper for lunch with your chicken.

I used to think life was not worth living if I could not eat cheese. Then I realized that feeling 100%, energized, clear and healthy felt better then any grilled cheese would. I still splurge for holidays, but this July I am getting serious.  img_4343

LASTLY: Eating Healthy is a household decision. You cannot be successful if your roomates/BFF’s/life partners are not doing it with you or supporting you. If you are eating broccoli and a chicken breast and your boo is sitting on the couch sipping on a microbrew, eating mac and cheese with chicken nuggets and a chocolate chip cookie… kiss your bangin’ bod goodbye. It is all or nothing… sorry lovers – mama speaks the truth.  (Get on my team or get off my couch – there is your mantra!)


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