New Year’s Resolution: De-Clutter Your Life!

For me, I am always trying to clean up and de-clutter! With how much I travel I am always in a suitcase and never get to put stuff away. The beginning of the year is a perfect time to get rid of stuff. I have found a few really great resources when it comes to cleaning!img_3243

  • Clothing! Clothing has always been my biggest mess in my life. I have desperately been trying to stick to my Capsule Closet but I have been struggling with parting with EVERYTHING from my old closet. Honestly, in the past six months, Plato’s Closet has completely changed their policy and I used to get $200 a visit for my clothing… now I get turned down constantly… I am not ashamed of this because I have had LONG conversations with plenty of my friends about this. My new LOVE for getting rid of clothing is Poshmark. If you are trying to get rid of old clothing, give it a shot! My resolution is to get at least 200 pieces up there before January 1st. Wish me luck.Closet12
  • Get RID of It! A lot of you are probably like me and just want to clean out your desk, your pantry, your closet and your product drawer! So before you throw it out… consider these options. 1st: The Goodwill. Give as much as you can to the Goodwill. They will give you receipts that you can use as write-off’s during tax season. Next, recycle! My mom taught me that there are so many things that could be recycled that people choose to throw out. Before you just dump it, try to piece it apart and recycle what you can.img_3430
  • The Food! The final awesome way to declutter is to clean out your fridge, freezer and pantry. There is a crazy amount of food we all have that we do not eat. I have so many boxes of batter, bags of rice, and fill-in-the-blank that I have carted around from home to home just hating the idea of throwing out food! This actually pairs perfectly with yesterday’s post. I know whenever I go on a new cleanse I keep all of the ‘bad’ foods sitting in my house and eat them on a dark day. THROW IT OUT! Some of it can be donated, but you just cannot be afraid to throw some of it away and recycle the packaging. It is way easier to eat healthy if you just throw out all your bad food.  img_3793

Finally, an App I love for making lists is Wunderlist. It is a great way to make and keep track of multiple lists, giving your reminders and sorting items by priority! Check it out! You will love it.

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  1. December 28, 2016 / 4:35 am

    Plato’s Closet is getting really stingy on the rebuying- I’ve only considered trying it but friends warned me off before I even went to the store!

    My goal is to get rid of 5-10 items around the house per week. It’s a small doable amount, but in the long run should see a big difference! I need to hang onto fewer things for purely sentimental reasons, challenge of 2017. Cheers!

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