New Year’s Resolution: Stick To A Fitness Plan!

FW5.02One of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions for anyone is to GET A BANGIN BOD! This is always on my agenda… but during the months January and February I have the focus of a Genius 7th Grader during the National Spelling Bee.img_3924

For 2017 I am doing a combo of three different things! Here are my recommendations:

  • If you are DEAD SET on getting fit, do not just think about it, but put your money where your mouth is. Buy a membership to a gym or to some classes. Group Fitness is a great way to keep you headed to they gym day after day even when you are not in the mood. This year I bit the bullet and purchased three months of unlimited Pure Barre classes, just to mix it up. I have talked to plenty of people who love their classes, wether it be Soul Cycle, Crossfit, Pure Barre or WHATEVER. I know at the beginning of the year we are all trying to cut back on spending, but a nightly gym routine costs in the beginning but pays off in the end… just think every moment you are in class, you are not eating, online shopping or making a mess of your house! So many Resolutions!img_4102
  • Get a routine that is as flexible as you! One of the trickiest aspects of my fitness plan is the non-stop travel I go through during the entire year. I HAVE to have a fitness plan that is flexible and can be done in a hotel room… or a hotel gym (which could actually be worse). There are TONS of trainer apps you can download on your phone that will give you daily workouts. This year I am purchasing the app Sweat with Kayla.  I am pumped! This will be a great solution for when I am on the road… or even when I am home! I like to try to do a little in the morning, afternoon and evening. Remember every time you workout, your metabolism jumps for the next 2-3 hours!IMG_1667
  • Finally, for the days you are stuck at home, because of the weather, work, or loved ones… always have a quick fix. I bought the Beachbody PiYo two years ago for my January/February fitness plan, and it changed the game for me. Last year my husband got Hammer and Chisel and I did the routines with him for the first month or so and that stuff was absolutely for real. I love these DVDs because they are quick, effective and so easy to do while dinner is in the oven. Diversification of your workout will help with your overall physique, your attention span and your continued change in your body. The minute you get too comfortable you start to slide backwards.FW4.02

I have not always been obsessed with working out but honestly in the past two years I have really developed a routine I LOVE. I am excited to try the Pure Barre Classes with my Sweat with Kayla App! Remember from Tuesday… all of this will be paired with the Whole30! It will be a challenge!

Lastly – I write about fitness A LOT! Check out these blogs for other ideas!



  1. Myranda
    December 29, 2016 / 10:45 am

    I haven’t tried the Sweat with Kayla app but when I did BBG for 9 weeks (then I fell off the wagon) I could see a big difference – especially when I was eating clean!!

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