New Year’s Resolution: Get A Budget


C-E-L-I-N-E!!!!!!!!!!! Shopping???

Now, I am going to be honest. This has been my resolution every year since I can remember. I am still the girl who is like, “What is a budget?” So clearly I saved this one for last… because I have the lowest readership on Fridays and I am hoping you all skim over this one because money is boring and it is Friday and it is a huge party weekend… but mostly I just don’t want you to know how budget stupid I am.  (For photos today…  I simply added any and all photos of me shopping… haha!  Enjoy!)


  • First of all… America HATES talking about money. Money goes right into the categories of politics and religion… don’t talk about it. Don’t help people who have questions because you don’t want to look like a pompous jerk, but don’t ask questions because you don’t want people to know you are shooting in the dark. Unlike politics and religion… our families barely help us out when it comes to passing down their tickets to success. My parents literally sent me my Nordstrom credit card bill when I was in college with a sticky note attached to it saying, ‘we think you can take care of this now.’ NO BS! We feel uncomfortable asking questions to friends, family or coworkers. Also, money websites are complicated and expect you to have basic accounting knowledge… not me.


  • Here is what I do know. Pay off your smallest credit cards first. I had two credit cards in grad school that got me through the dark days of Sorority Consultant income.  Once I paid those puppies off, I am not going back. I have not had a credit card and live on cash in/cash out. Your rent/mortgage should amount to about 30% of your income. If it is more… reconsider where you are living, if it is less… save the extra as a down payment for your next residence. Pay as little as possible on your student loans, because if you die they go away… morbid… but true.

The results of my shopping spree!

  • Now here comes the budget. The second piece of advice my parents gave me when it comes to money is this: Save 20% no matter what (so I do along with the extra from housing). And the third piece: Get Quicken. There are tons of budgeting tools out there. I tend to spend a bulk of my extra income on clothing and beauty upkeep. My Boo cake and I have an agreement called: I pay the mortgage, you get utilities, insurance and groceries… So after I pay a huge chunk of our living expenses I am home free with the rest of my cash. I love quicken but it can be a little too intense for everyone. My second recommendation would be Mint. I also have heard great reviews about YNAB (You Need A Budget) as well as Mvelopes. I am currently using Budgt to figure out where my money goes after I pay student loans and mortgage each week. Check out this website for more ideas!

Happy Friday you all! Good luck with your resolutions and I hope you have an AWESOME New Years! I will see you in 2017!


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