The Best of 2016!

IMG_3769I know a lot of my people are incredibly thankful that 2016 is over. I can honestly say, it was a year that had MAJOR ups and MAJOR downs for me. I believe that no matter what you have to find the good in your past. This is the time where I try to always preach/teach that we have to look for the good and remember the good. But honestly if you are always looking forward it is hard to appreciate the right now… or enjoy the good stuff. So here is my good stuff… my favorite memories from each month 2016!

January: Honestly, NYE night! This is always one of my favorite holidays and last year we went to the Blue Note which is a local concert venue. They have this awesome party called a Decadance, where each hour they play a new decade of music…. I had a blast!  Per usual.


February: I had two weeks in a row where I visited my company’s campus parters. The first was Washington State and the second was Central Florida. These are some of my FAVORITE visits of the year because I get to actually spend quality time with the people, go on long runs, relax and get super innovative!IMG_3650

March: MEXICO! Going to Mexico was a dream come true. I got to MC a conference and bring my soulmate and life partner Jennifer! We have so many inside jokes and stories about this trip it is ridiculous!


April: Keynoting AFLV-West. This is one of my FAVORITE conferences because it could not be anywhere more beautiful in the country. I love spring! I am so humbled and honored to be given these amazing opportunities.


May: Paris/Switzerland/Venice/Rome! This was my first vacation I had taken since 2012, and it was much needed. It opened me up to how beautiful life can be when you take it down a notch. Not to mention I got my sweet baby Celine bag!


June: Keynoting Alpha Delta Pi’s Leadership Seminar in Dallas! This was a super customized piece of curriculum and I left that stage feeling like I had said everything I needed without a single regret. I LOVE that organization and I feel privileged to be working with these fantastic women.


July: Washington Wine Country! My crazy road trip across the country in a minivan with my dog taught me so much about myself. I loved having quality time with my family and mostly I am so thankful I got to take a vacation inside of my vacation! The Left Coast is a dream, people!78c31-1479277447022

August: I think August is a high in general! I cannot pick my favorite day to save my life… I can tell you this, I survived and thrived!


September: My Week of West! I got to visit every single one of my favorite college campuses! I fell in love with San Luis Obispo. I visited my favorite spots in Davis, CA… and I spent a few days with my family in Seattle!


October:  Roots & Blues Music Festival!  This festival is always the first time Brendon and I feel like we can actually get some quality time with one another after the craziness of August.  This is why I love CoMo.


November: Greece.. DUH. I know it is possible I talk about hanging out with Jennifer too much and our international vacations… but this was a total bucket list item. Who in the world gets to go on vacation with their best friend in Greece! Our night in Mykonos will always make me cry out of laughter!


December:  Asheville with my crew!  I always look forward to Steel Mimosa Reunions and I got to check a major location off my bucket list. The only thing I am saying is next year I want warmer!


Even going through these pictures to only pick a handful is impossible. I am a lucky girl. I have a job I love, friends I would give anything for, and a life I worked really hard to create. It is not all pretty. I still cry, a lot. I still get wildly confused. I still question every step I take. But, I know every day that life has its ups and downs but what matters most is that you are beautifully joyful in the highs.

Everything you want is out there. You can grab it this year. But you are going to sweat, bleed and cry getting it. Pick to fight for the stuff that is worth it to you. Then, fight like hell. People will tell you it is impossible, stupid, pointless or not going to work the way you planned it. It might not look exactly like you dreamed in the beginning but it will feel even better then you hoped because you fought for it. No matter what your resolutions are this year… just know you are worth the effort, and you deserve what you dream of. Just don’t expect anyone to get it for you. You deserve it… and you have what it takes to get it.

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