Virginia Tech for the Weekend!

img_4181This past weekend I was able to spend four days with one of my FAVORITE groups of people on the planet! I love and adore the entire community at Virginia Tech and I am forever thankful for their students, staff and our partnership.


  • On Saturday morning the snow hit. Yes, the same snow that hit most people on the West Coast. In 12 hours we had about two feet of snow and I woke up to 16 degree weather. It did not STOP snowing until sometime after noon. I was laughing the entire time thinking about how HARD sorority recruitment is. I know most people stereotype sorority women as being weak and shallow but this weather was like a fight for survival. I had the pleasure of walking around from chapter to chapter throughout the weekend and honestly I was not in the least bit prepared. I did not pack a single pair of tights… or pants! I had dresses and booties… that’s it. THANK THE LORD I packed my GIANT down jacket and beanie… or I would not be around to talk about it.


  • This is the third time I have gotten the chance to speak to the women going through the recruitment process at VT. I do not know how they do it but the staff who work at this university are just some of the best people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I was able to hang out with Panhellenic and their advisor Michael for a few meals. I did not even feel like I was working the entire weekend because I love these people so much. We laughed and texted. It was a great time and I feel kind of crazy talking about going on a work trip in sub-freezing temperatures like an exotic vacation!


  • Finally, I had dinner with the Kappa Alpha Theta consultants who are working on establishing their chapter at VT this spring. One of the consultants on that project is a person I worked with when she was a student at Iowa! It was awesome seeing her again! We had so much to laugh about and catch up on.


It was a perfect work trip!  I am so happy I get to do my job!

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