Things that get me through the Winter

img_5860There are a few things that get me through this weather. I know so many of us are still regrouping from last weekend and that terribly cold weather! The bad news is… We are about to get hit with it again in CoMo!  When I flew on Monday morning it was 5 degrees… FIVE! There are a few creature comforts that keep me going!

  • I am weirdly OBSESSED with pajamas. More then anyone I actually know. I bought this PJ Salvage pair in December because they were on sale at Nordstrom… and now I am actually considering buying them in EVERY SINGLE COLOR. They are the most comfortable and flowy fabric.  And blush pink is one of the signature colors in my pallet.
  • In the cold months I do not travel without two things. #1 sleep socks. I received over five pairs of fuzzy sleep socks for Christmas this year and I am NOT mad about it. These puppies go everywhere with me throughout the winter. I even bring them on the plane in my computer bag for longer flights. I do not know what is wrong with me but I have to crank the heat up in my hotel room to 74 degrees, and sometimes I am still cold. #2 Knit hats. Now I have an AGGRESSIVE collection of beanies… this I know, but I love them so much. My favorite are my BCBGeneration ones because they are loose enough to not totally mess up your hair and the pom is bomb! I am still on the hunt for a light blue one and a blush pink… so if you find one… Holla at me! Every time I post a photo in them on Snapchat I get questions about it… so you know I must be doing something right!
  • The UGLIEST SWEATERS. Now… if you REALLY know me and you Facetime me on days I am at home and working, you know about the ugly sweater collection I rock in the house. I do not know what it is, but I have a handful of knee length cardigans that are SO comfortable, but rather unattractive. One of them is a Free People sweater from three years ago that might have once been on trend, but now it is just hideous… I wore it to Pure Barre the other week and got looks. The one I wore yesterday morning to throw balls for Dexter is from Target… six years ago (I’ve got to let it go!) Generally this time of year I am always wearing at least three layers… sometimes four. As I sit here writing this, I am in my tank from working out, my sweatshirt and my ugly sweater. These short days, long workouts and Whole30 compliant meals give me NO motivation to look cute. Not to mention I am a fierce kind of cold I cannot shake!

This is my ONE WISH LIST item! Everyone at VT was wearing them and they looked amazing! These True Grit quarter zips are expensive, but they are worth it!


Is there anything I am missing from my list of must haves? Stay warm this weekend! I am speaking today, so tomorrow will be a re-cap of where I am!

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