My Favorite – UVA

img_4210This week I traveled to one of my hands down, favorite college campuses… The University of Virginia. I visited this campus way back when I was a sorority consultant and every time I go I remember why I love it there!img_5870

  • I was not there for long but I had the chance to grab breakfast at their quintessential breakfast restaurant. Bluegrass Grill & Bakery is highly rated by visitors and has won a few awards in their day. It is in the old train station building and nestled in between another coffee shop and a watering hole. I custom ordered an omelet with lots of veggies, a side of berries and of course some black coffee. It was a perfect way to start my day!img_5874
  • I know I have talked about this campus before but it was imagined and designed by Thomas Jefferson. The entire town feels historic, meaningful and made to be beautiful. The corner which is the business district close to campus has cute boutiques, including a place called Finch which carries Free People and lots of trendy pieces. Also on the corner is Take It Away Sandwich Shop, which is a sandwich shop/grocery store. I have visited this little shop a few times in my travels and I ate lunch there with the women I was working with and loved it… yet again!
  • Finally, I have always been WILDLY impressed with the students here. They are obviously intelligent, but they are so fun and easy to chat with. I was so pleased with our program together and I loved getting to know this chapter a little better throughout the day.img_4206

It was a great visit and I am so thankful I got to visit one of my favorite towns. Now, I am hunkering down and preparing for Missouri’s catastrophic Ice storm that is hitting today at some time… Wish me LUCK!

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