My THREE Day Weekend!

img_4236You all! I had Saturday and Sunday OFF! Can you believe it? I actually had Monday off as well, but I had to fly so I ended up leaving the house at 1:00 in the afternoon. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! Here is my recap!

  • First of all, I tried a whole slew of really awesome Whole30 recipes. They were delicious and my fridge is currently full of healthy meals. One of the things we tried was a butternut squash and sausage pizza, with spinach and an egg on top. YUM! This was super filling and relatively easy to make up! skillets-7The second was a spaghetti squash and tomato-lemon sauce pasta recipe with chicken. This was super satisfying and felt like a perfect filling pasta dish. I would make this on the weekly if I had my way! Once I rounded up all of the calories, it only had about 300! sub-buzz-1393-1481916370-4The third and most unique was a Vietnamese meatball and cauliflower rice meal. This was tasty, beautiful and really unique! Again… so few calories. I read an article last week that said “If you think eating healthy has to taste bad… you have not had the right recipes.” I could not agree more! I included links so have fun!vietnamese-meatballs-better-vertical-overhead
  • Secondly I actually watched TV. I know that is crazy. But, I even watched football (that is a stretch for even me). But in all honestly, I went to Pure Barre four days in a row (I am feeling it). I went on long walks with the dog. I slept forever. I did not put on makeup… once! It was a dream come true.img_4230
  • Finally, I had the wild idea to make one of my knit hats this weekend. Now, do not immediately think I am crazy… I just was tired of searching for a light blue pom beanie so I looked up a pattern and went and purchased one! Here is the final result and a few pictures of my process. Also, I am including the link to the pattern I bought if you want to give it a shot. It took me 2.5 hours… it is not perfect, but I think it passes the test! I have had a lot of people ask me where I bought my BCBGeneration ones, and they are essentially sold out… but this is a great solution!

Last thought, I love these leggings! I purchased them at Forever 21 for $22! The pockets on the side are made for travelers! I have not tried running in them with anything in the pockets, but they are awesome for walking or cruising around the airport!img_4239

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