My SoulCycle Experience!

sc-5So Yesterday I flew on a quick trip to Dallas for the day. A few months ago when I was organizing this trip, the women I was working with asked me if I wanted to take a class at SoulCycle which is relatively new to their neighborhood. I said YES! Here is my review and suggestions!

  • If you are EVER in a major city with a SoulCycle gym…. GO! Run there, get there, take the early morning class… I do not care but you HAVE to experience it! We took the 6:30 am class together and it was 45 minutes. It was a crazy good workout and I have not sweat that much in a long time! Even more so than on my long runs. The workout moves every single part of your body so there is some weight and arm work as well as core work involved. It is a full body cardio burn. You will feel absolutely accomplished for the day!sc-3
  • This was the MOST POSITIVE workout I have had in YEARS! I left that building so happy, optimistic, in love and CONVINCED it was going to be an awesome day. It is not just a workout, it is a devotion to yourself! The room was dark with a few candles. The music was so loud all you could focus on was listening to the instructor and the workout. Also, might I add, the playlist was fierce… all songs I have never heard but were so good. I have to believe all the instructors are talented but Hayes yesterday was the bomb! You would feel like dying thinking you could not get out of the saddle (when you stand on the bike) one more time and he would just yell things like, “YES!  YOU LOOK AMAZING RIGHT NOW!” And you all… it worked on me!img_5971
  • Logistically, bring water… at least a container that will hold 20 oz. Also, wear a tank top or a built in tank top.  There were quite a few people who were straight up wearing just their sports bras. I would go with cropped leggings as well, you need something for the friction but not too much to get you hot… if that makes sense! Also, they give you shoes to wear so another huge bonus – you don’t have to buy them! You will not be able to get everything figured out the first time or even maybe the third time you go. But hang in there. It is only 45 minutes!sc-1

I am already mapping out the next class I can go to. This was the highlight of my week honestly! I had no idea a workout could be so crazy positive for you and your soul!

PS – I took two pictures, because before hand it was dark… and after, I was a sweaty hot mess. I apologize!

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