From Dry and Dull to Luminous!

img_3947I have not been traveling for the past two days so I wanted to do a little product blog! I always get so frustrated this time of year, keeping my hair, face and skin hydrated. The cold frigid air dries me out BAD! So here are my tips and tricks for keeping a luminous glow even durning the bleak winter!

Face: Use some sort of face oil. After you wash your face, but before you put on your moisturizer… use a face oil. For all of my people out there with naturally oily skin, you are totally thinking “no way”… let me tell you, when you provide oil for your skin it will not produce it on your own. There are expensive ways to go about this and then there are some affordable options. For affordable options: I would select anything by Now Foods. They have apricot oil for fine lines, avocado oil for increased elasticity, and grapeseed oil for sensitive skin! If you do anything, make oil a part of your nightly face regiment before bed! If you are in a place in your life where you can make a little more of an investment, I am OBSESSED with Keihl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate! I also love their Midnight Recovery Concentrate too.

For the Hair: It is crucial that during the winter I incorporate an extra step when it comes to doing a hair mask or a deep conditioner during these months. If I don’t, I get frizzy and dull. I also recommend getting some sort of shine spray too! My favorite affordable hair mask you can get at a Walgreens for less then $2. I also get two uses out of it! It is the Hask Macadamia Oil Moisturizing mask. If you are needing to get something that will really do the trick this winter, I would recommend the Aveda ‘dry remedy’ treatment masque. I try to do a mask ever other shower to not weigh down my hair too much but still keep it healthy. Now for shine sprays, I really don’t think you can go wrong here, but the one I use is the Drybar ‘Sparkling Soda’ Shine Spray. Everything from Drybar smells fantastic!

Finally for your skin: First of all, use a sugar scrub! These things will change your life. They slough off all of the dead skin and in it’s place hydrate what is underneath. It is hard to go too affordable on these because you want to make sure there are high quality oils in your scrub so they leave you hydrated not just oily and dry all at the same time. The Herbivore Botanicals Coco Rose scrub is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. This is actually a pretty good price point too because it will last you the rest of the winter! Finally, my last trick… is to get a humidifier. I have one that blows warm moist air and I sleep with it almost directly in my face at night. This helps with my throat, my nose and my skin over all. I used a humidifier for the first time ever when I was a sorority consultant and I worked at Indiana University in the cold winter. I will never go back!


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