img_4329On Sunday I spoke at Clemson!  Here are the highlights:

  • First of all, I have not been to Clemson in about two years now so I was thankful to get to see them all again. The day was REALLY productive in my opinion. We did a four hour training with their recruitment teams and advisors about how to set up the semester of prep, what a workshop should look like, the overall theories of recruitment and how that translates into productive and dedicated members. I LOVED IT! Then we did an hour long keynote for all of their new recruiters in their beautiful performing arts center!img_4324
  • The students and all of the advisors were each so kind and hospitable. Honestly they took great care of me! Clemson is also pretty tough to get into and you can tell by how engaged and intelligent the students are. For the longer training, we were able to have some pretty high level conversations about cause and effect!img_5986
  • Getting there was INTENSE! So I am not by any shape or form complaining but this weekend was almost impossible for travel! Get this: I finished at San Diego on Friday night. I flew to Phoenix to sleep there so I could get an early enough flight to Baton Rouge to work at LSU on Saturday. I took the 6:00 AM flight on Saturday morning to start working at LSU at noon. When I finished at LSU I drove down to New Orleans for the night. Woke up and took the 6:00 AM flight to Atlanta and drove two hours to Clemson. I can honestly say I am just proud of myself for being alive on Sunday much less having a successful day!img_4328

I LOVE the work I get to do and no matter how intense the travel is, I am constantly thankful for the opportunity. Lastly, there was NO opportunity to take any pictures outside, because yet again… It was RAINING.

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