Chapman – So Good…

img_6002So… Bad news, I fell in LOVE with another college town yesterday. Holy COW, Orange, California has stolen my heart! People always ask me if I ever visit places and would like to move there, and the answer is YES!img_4348

  • First of all. Here is what I did for work. I spoke to current recruiters and sorority women in the morning. Chapman just changed to a winter recruitment over fall so they are going through some pretty awesome transitions now. I then spoke to Potential Members in the evening as a kick off for their own recruitment. I have to tell you… I have been feeling a little bit of in a rut lately, like second guessing if I am very good at my job or if I am irrelevant, or if I am just getting boring. I had some pretty magical moments on the mic yesterday that helped me deposit into my ‘confidence account.’ There are times when I am on stage and having clear, concise and complete thoughts while different words are coming out of my mouth. It is like I am thinking about where I am going at the same time formulating the words to get us to that place.img_4339
  • Secondly, Orange is ADORABLE. I went to two awesome restaurants. For lunch we went to Rutabegorz which had huge salads and healthy food – Delicious. For dinner I went to Green Tomato Grill, which again had these delicious bowls and awesome toppings for different salads. They have this adorable plaza just down the street from campus that has perfectly cute boutiques, coffee shops, an awesome waffle shop and pie shop (watch out doughnuts… I think waffles are the next dessert obsession… you heard it from me first!)  If I had a day here, I could do some MAJOR damage!
  • Finally, these people revived my soul. Each of the Panhellenic officers were some of the coolest humans I have ever met. I actually spent the entire day hanging out with them in-between work calls. They are smart and talk about really deep and meaningful stuff. They love each other a lot. They are super organized and work together well. I mean, I love them. If spending an entire day with them was not enough of a gift for my soul, they gave me one of my FAVORITE GIFTS ever. They ordered matching hats for Panhellenic recruitment team that say “It’s Fine” on the front.  I loved them so much they gave me one… I clearly screamed when I got it!img_4346

It was a BOMB day!  I am so thankful for my job.  I hope I am not becoming boring and irrelevant.  But even if I am that is ok too… I just hope I helped those people in some small way!

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