My Nutrition Guru: Week 1

img_6022For February I am giving you a weekly update from my new friend and nutrition Guru Josh Old.  I met this awesome guy at one of my favorite restaurants in CoMo, Nourish Cafe. His love for nutrition and a healthy life exudes in every interaction of his existence. He is a super positive influence on everyone around him and he is incredibly passionate about what your body can do if you treat it right.  Here is his goal: “I am on my journey to become the best health coach/educator I can be.  Life is meant to be lived.  Why not optimize it.  Learning to harness it’s power unlocking it’s full potential is my goal to help everyone become the best they can be. “

Each Monday for the next 4 weeks I am going to publish a new tip from Josh, and let you all get to know him and his passion for food and his work. He has been a personal trainer and knows his way around the supplement aisle of any grocery store! He is working on creating his personal consulting services to help people reach their optimized health. Reach out to him if you want help with an eating plan!  Here is how you can contact him on Facebook!  I believe he has what it takes to help people cultivate their definition of health and happiness. I actually believe it so much I am letting him tell me what to do!img_4178

First thing is first… Fasting. Now when Josh told me about this I was like… What? That sounds weirdly like an eating disorder. It is a little different then that and not nearly as intense as it sounds.  Here is how he explained it to me:

Fasting is valuable because it gives your body time to digest your food then repair it’s system. Our livers store all of the extra glucose from our meals and that can never get broken down if we are constantly giving our system food to digest. When we fast (or not eat for a portion of the day) it gives our body the ability to use fat for fuel instead of the food we just ate. Fasting teaches your body to go back and forth from using food for fuel to using fat for fuel so your body begins to switch into using its reserves mode more easily the longer you train it.img_8858_2

Here are Josh’s fasting recommendations:

  • Intermittent fasting: A lot of people who are beginning to explore the concept of fasting begin with at 12/12 policy. Meaning if your first meal is at 7:00 AM you cannot eat past 7:00 PM. 12 hours of digesting and 12 hours of repairing & fat burning. Seems pretty do-able.
  • Once you master the 12/12, Josh’s favorite program he recommended is 16/8. Meaning 16 hours of repair and burn with 8 hours a day for digesting. Meaning the first meal will happen when it happens, for example 8:00 am, then your final meal should be at 3:00.
  • Once you have mastered intermittent fasting. There is a whole new level. This is where you go 5 days on normal food then ‘fast,’ two days a week; these are just like a typical cleansing day. On these days you eat protein, veggies, healthy fats and a few berries for fruit. Josh recommends on fasting days anywhere from 800 – 400 calories. He does about 800 calorie days.snapchat-917990820010228058

Overall benefits of Fasting: it teaches your body to use fat for fuel instead of demanding food every time you need to exude an ounce of energy. It helps you with longevity, cognitive brain functioning, preventing diseases, preventing diabetes and mostly optimize your health. Josh even promises a HOT BODY! Your physique starts with your mouth!

For the month of February I will be playing the 12/12 game! Who wants to join me?

PS – Josh’s favorite book if you are interested in learning more is The Complete Guide To Fasting.  img_6021

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