Keeping My Head Above…

So this is the part of the blog where I try to live an authentic life.  I am trying to practice what I teach.  Here we go… Sorry I disappeared for two weeks.  There are a million reasons, all tiny, but for some reason all of them were impossible to conquer.  Here is the deal:

  • I kind of struggled through January.   I felt like every flight was delayed, I never got enough sleep, and the weather sucked.  I left on the 27th of January for a two week trip.  That entire trip sucker punched me.  First of all my hair stylist accidentally dyed my hair blue… (eye roll… see above).  Then on the 29th.  I was at Towson (I will post some pics later in the week!)  The day was perfect… but then again, Delta Airlines exploded.  I was intending on flying into Indianapolis, IN for AFLV-Central, which is the largest conference I attend each year – no pressure.  I did not land in Detroit until 12:45 in the morning.  Then, the darkness came… I had to wait for my luggage… which did not come off the conveyer belt until 3:10 am.  You have no idea how dark it is in the airport at this time in the freezing cold after speaking all day, fantasizing about brushing your hair, washing your face and just flossing.  I hit a dark spot in the airport that night.  The only bright spot is my mentor, boss and dear friend had already booked a hotel (she was stuck in Detroit too) and I was in the room by 3:30 am.   We drove to Indianapolis the next morning.
  • For the next three days, I was at our company’s annual meeting where we discussed high level goals, the vision of the company and innovations for the future.  I was able to sneak out EARLY on Tuesday morning for a little me time, (Thank God for that workout).  On Wednesday I did Orange Theory for the first time with all of the women VP’s of my company and our CEO Jessica!  It was awesome!  I would normally give you all a review, but a little too late for that.  Then we headed to the conference itself… It was increadible… I will give you the update on that tomorrow.  The conference was intense, and I kept going after… Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – packed and no sleep, no rest, no stopping.
  • I for some reason thought January was hard and February was going to get better, for no reason at all only that January was over.  I don’t know about you all but for the past month, nothing has felt right.  I almost don’t want to blog because I am convinced my life is boring.  Every picture I take I feel like I look awful; like too pale, or too beige, or not like me.  I have not worked out nearly enough, so I feel and look bla.  I absolutely have fun moments, but it just did not stand out enough to post about it.  So let me end with this.  I have some of the best people in the world by my side.  Thank you to those who texted me, asking me where I have been.  Thank you to Jennifer who told me to stop hiding.  Thank you to Jessica who told me I am one of the strongest chicks she knows.  Thank you for telling me, “You’ve got to swim KJ.”

There are times where I feel like Music is practically the reason I live.  Here is the song that is getting me through it.  I cannot say I am back, but I am trying.

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