What Love Is

15848997_img_3770Happy Valentines Day you all!  In a desperate attempt to recap my life from the past two weeks I figured today I could post about the highlight of my career so far:15848997_img_3764

  • As you all know… I love my job.  Sometimes I love my job TOO much.  There are a few rare opportunities where I get the privilege and honor to address a crazy large group.  These moments I take VERY seriously.  I actually blogged about it right here.  At AFLV Central this year, my teammate, and buddy of mine, Vince were given the opportunity to open the conference.  This is as of to date the most critical, large, important audience I have ever spoken to.  It is the current benchmark of my career.  I cannot tell you how long I have been anticipating this moment.  I cannot tell you how much pressure I put on myself to be perfect.  I cannot tell you how humbled I am to get to do this.  I am absolutely not worth this weight and I still wonder even today if I was the right choice.  (PS – I spoke at the ‘West’ version of this conference in 2016)15848997_img_3762
  • I love this conference.  I love these students.  I am in awe of their hard work and their drive to make change in the world.  I love all of their strengths and goals.  I also, am in love with the team (staff and volunteers) who organize this conference.  Over the past few years I have grown to look forward to seeing them whenever we are gearing up.  I am so proud to know these people, help them in any way possible… and mostly I am honored that they even listen to me, let alone pick me.15848997_img_3741
  • I Love my team at Phired Up Productions.  Each person who works for us or who has worked for us has a heart of gold.  We brought on some new team members this February and I just look at them with so much love knowing that they chose us.  They chose this family and this mission.  It is rare that you get to do a job that makes you feel alive.  It is even more rare to say to your team on a daily basis, “I Love you,” when getting off the phone and actually mean it.15848990_img_3765

I have said for a long time that I feel like this job is what I was created to do.  I think these people I get to do this work with are better for me.  They make me want to be better for them and for the world.  I think that is what Love is… something that matters to you so much you want to be better for it.  I am not deserving of the love I have received from my career… But I will fight every day to earn it.

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