Life & Travel Recap…

img_4373For the past week I have been at home sleeping as much as possible… doing a three day cleanse, and trying to get caught up on my email!  Here is a little recap of life after AFLV:img_6037

  • I traveled to Delaware to help a chapter prepare for their Panhellenic Recruitment.  After that I traveled to Ball State for some volunteer work for Kappa Delta.  I hit the road again to go to Texas A&M to work with a chapter on Saturday, on Sunday I went to Ole Miss, and on Monday I went to Missouri State to work with another chapter.  Since I returned on Tuesday I have been trying to chill.img_6056
  • On Tuesday obviously it was Valentines Day… Brendon and I kept it pretty chill!  We tried a new restaurant in town and were back at the house by 8:00.  We went to Barred Owl in Columbia.  I immediately ordered some meat and cheese boards… and pimento… this girl will never change.  I was pretty excited to try some new wines as well… honestly this place had one of the most diverse drink menus in town!  Just to be the lamest… for V-Day I bought Brendon ice cube trays!  But I purchased him like the big cube trays.  Honestly, I think he is pretty excited about them.img_4379
  • Finally, I am traveling again today and hitting the road for the next week.  I will not get another day at home until March 1st!  CRAZY!  I am headed to Orlando next week and to Washington… Two of my favorites.  Honestly as much as I was wishing away January… February is gone!  I just don’t think it will slow down until May.  img_6055

I will keep you posted!  Hopefully since the days are getting longer… I can take better pictures!

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