Sunshine & Sunflowers

img_4384The middle of America was hit was a pretty unseasonable heat wave this past weekend!  I was getting snaps all day about how awesome the weather was!  I spent the weekend traveling for work… Here is the down low of my visits:img_4394

  • On Saturday I visited the Sunflower state of Kansas!  I worked with 5 different Alpha Delta Pi chapters from across the area to do some recruitment and life training for them at the University of Kansas.  I was crazy impressed with the fabulous alum who organized this event.  Can you even imagine the logistics behind bringing in 600 college students to one lecture hall, feeding them… in an hour and organizing this entire thing?  I was shocked at how smooth the entire thing went.  Also, ever single one of the sisters I met were awake, alive, chipper and put together… I don’t know if I could say the same for myself when I was a freshmen in college!img_6114
  • On Sunday, I visited one of my favorite chapters on this planet at Georgia Tech.  I started the morning eating at Flying Biscuit Cafe in Midtown.  I have always been in love with the ATL naming it one of the top 5 cities I would move to in a heart beat!  The midtown and Piedmont park area is where I would drool over living in.  I was able to walk to breakfast, while catching up with my mom and dad on the phone.  Tech has some really awesome students at it.  They are passionate, involved, smart, self-aware, adorable and hilarious.  I get to visit this crew again in August (we are doing a 2 day deal)… and I am pumped to spend more time with them!img_6118
  • If I would give this weekend one word, I would say it was indulgent for me!  I know that sounds stupid, but I ate a cookie you all… actually I ate more then that.  I got enough sleep both nights.  I had down time.  I have a pretty relaxed travel schedule for the most part.  It was amazing.  Also, when I was in Atlanta… I did NOT get a rental car… I just used Lyft… which you forget how amazing it is to not have to drive yourself everywhere!img_4383

I could not have asked for a better travel schedule, or two better speaking days.  It was a great weekend yes because of the weather and stuff… but mostly because of the wonderful humans I get to work with every day that remind me why I am on this planet and why I do my job.  img_6120

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