What Home Feels Like.

img_4412My family moved me into my home when I was six weeks old. I spent the first 18 years of my life sleeping in the same exact bedroom. The place I grew up is home. There has never been another place in this world that has even given it a run for its money. Well that is not true… there is one.img_4419

Kappa Delta headquarters is home. I don’t know what constitutes this emotion in us. For me, I think I have a lot of first memories in both of these places… I had so many firsts. I can remember the first time I saw the staircase and met the National President. I can remember the last night I stayed there as a consultant in the Spring and illegally hanging a curtain in the hallway so we could watch movies on the projector. The smells and the sounds bring me right back to the most transformational year of my life.


  • Yesterday I had the chance to return to Kappa Delta to help the current LDCs with their transition into their careers after sorority. They just wanted to hear from me… a girl with a job. The open motto of my sorority is, “Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest.” My sisters push me to perform at my highest level… We take that seriously. We are pushers… It is a part of the brand. Every time I work with my own sorority, they never ask for me to come and teach what I always teach. They always ask me to teach them what they want to hear from my perspective. I think that is the beautiful thing about sorority… they see stuff in you that you don’t see in yourself. Every time I work with them, they challenge me to try something new. They send me back to the drawing board to come up with something unique and different. They ask me to give them the highest level of creativity and knowledge I can.img_6133
  • In order to create the curriculum for the day… I went to my two most trusted confidants for help. I sat on my couch in Orlando in the middle of the night, for an hour in a half pouring over the day. My brainstorm notes are hideous… but some of the most beautiful realizations come out of the ugliest times. I believe when you surround yourself with amazing people, amazing things happen to you. Sitting in a room with 20 women who used to be me, is deeply humbling and intensely inspiring. There is not a lot of time in-between who you are now and who you aspire to become. Stay focused, stay humble, stay hungry and mostly pull as many people up with you on your way… it will make your life and your career so much more fun!img_6141
  • Lastly, this sounds weirdly lonely, but I spent the night alone at Kappa Delta Headquarters in the bedrooms we have upstairs. I walked around the hallways sometime around midnight in the house that built me, soaking it all in… because who knows when I will be back again? I try to never take my visits for granted… because it could all end in a moment. I was able to see my brick for my girls in the front for the first time ever. I cried a little because it reminded me that we were real and not just a figment of my imagination. I hung out with Al, the same guy who picked me up for my interview for consultant when I was just a senior in College. I went to spin class with one of my dearest friends Kirsten Barry. This visit and this day was the world filling my bucket… from the moment I touched down in the Memphis airport at 8:30 until the moment I left the next morning.  img_6132

I do my job so you can have what I have in Kappa Delta. I do my job so you know you can find your purpose, and so you can find what makes you alive. I do my job so you can be awake for the most beautiful 30 seconds of your day. I do this blog so I can help myself remember the most beautiful moments of my life, but also to be completely transparent that sometimes I fall and I cannot get back without you all.

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