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I Hope Your Life Leads You Back To My Front Door

Let me tell you a story… If you have ever heard one of my programs… or if you have been in my life for a while… then you know the graphic details of the night I broke up with Chris… the guy I thought I was going to marry… The guy who bought me an… Continue reading I Hope Your Life Leads You Back To My Front Door


Where is Milledgeville, Georgia?

This past week I spent two nights in Milledgeville, Georgia… the home of Georgia College & State University.  I visited campus for two different reasons, #1 was to speak to the entire Panhellenic community on Saturday… and #2 was to visit the Kappa Delta chapter!  This is a pretty special chapter for me, check back… Continue reading Where is Milledgeville, Georgia?


My First Straight Juice Cleanse

I did my first ever full juice cleanse this week.  I wanted to give you a total good, bad and ugly review! I have done a few different types of cleanses… so I have a pretty good radar of strengths and weaknesses as well as pros and cons of cleanses. I did the Raw Generation Skinny Cleanse.… Continue reading My First Straight Juice Cleanse

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Just A Little Surprise

Last week was Brendon’s 40th Birthday. He was feeling a little apprehensive about the day and the number. I have honestly been planning this party for the past three years!  Here is the down low: I have known for a long time I wanted to send him to Spring Training to see the Cardinals on… Continue reading Just A Little Surprise

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I Go Back

Last week, I spent 5 days at Washington State… Holy cow.. Home sweet home!  PS – in case you did not know… I went to Washington State for Undergrad!  This is where I joined Kappa Delta, people! My company has been partnered with this university for a long time… clearly I was in some way or… Continue reading I Go Back