I Go Back

img_6253Last week, I spent 5 days at Washington State… Holy cow.. Home sweet home!  PS – in case you did not know… I went to Washington State for Undergrad!  This is where I joined Kappa Delta, people!img_6161

  • My company has been partnered with this university for a long time… clearly I was in some way or another recruited through this little partnership!  It has been a blessing and so wild that I am the person who gets to visit them now!  It is THE MOST HUMBLING thing ever to speak at your own university… it is a mirror in the craziest way possible.  So honestly, I have a hard girl crush on the Panhellenic Officers.  Like I just want to be them, and kick it with them.  Also, the office staff member there, Megan is one of the most positive people I have ever met.  Every word that comes out of her mouth is so sweet and sincere!  I am honored to be one of these humans and to think that we have so much in common blows my mind.img_6179
  • Here are the highlights!  I locked myself in the woods with the Recruitment Counselors at this BEAUTIFUL camp called Ross Point.  I have been going here with them for a few years and it is one of my favorite visits of the year.  I got to hang out with my dear friends Sam & Mike and we went to a hockey game on Saturday night!  It was SO FUN!  Check out the picture evidence of me “chucking the puck.”  I cannot thank Sam & Mike ENOUGH for an awesome night out!  Sunday was a pretty typical training day for me.  I caught up with the most recently announced LDC from my chapter miss Anna! Could NOT be more proud of her and who she is becoming!  Monday was the day I was most worried about.  I did a keynote for all of the newly initiated members for every chapter.  I always freak out before these things because I just want to be perfect.  I honestly get so critical of myself before hand because I believe I have not accomplished nearly enough to have a microphone attached to my body.
  • Finally, it is so good to go back to your roots.  It is so important to see how the world goes on without you, and how you needed a place more then it ever needed you.  It is easy to tell yourself that you are the key to something working… but I have learned that rarely am I irreplaceable… Mostly I try to make sure people feel intense self-love and happiness wherever I am.  I just want people to know it is not other people, but you that has immense worth and value.  I think so many people go back to their places and immediately begin comparing and looking for how it is worse or better than when they were around.  I mean, I say I think that but honestly I have done it in the past.  But, one of the best changes I have seen in myself is to just constantly remember this is not about me.  My job is not about me, I try to live my life for the people I love, I try to find the things about the world that make it beautiful… reguardless of me.img_6187

Here are the three songs I could not live without this week:

  1. For Her – Chris Lane
  2. This is Gospel – Panic At The Disco, Either this version or this (depending on your mood)
  3. Welcome Home – Radical Face

This week was another of intense lows and amazing high’s.  No matter how intense it gets I will always be thankful I at least know how to feel.  img_6174

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