Just A Little Surprise

IMG_6241Last week was Brendon’s 40th Birthday. He was feeling a little apprehensive about the day and the number. I have honestly been planning this party for the past three years!  Here is the down low:IMG_6264

  • I have known for a long time I wanted to send him to Spring Training to see the Cardinals on his 40th birthday, because he is obsessed with baseball, and his birthday is in March… PERFECT. The only struggle I encountered is my inability to plan anything farther than a month out and the rest of the world’s desire to have everything planned years ahead of time. I was able to get flights, hotels, tickets, parking and everything else organized about three weeks in advanced… I called his brother to see if he wanted to go as well.. and Ta-Dah, we have a surprise trip planned for his big Four -Oh with his buddies! PS – The party was on Wednesday at 6:30pm … Their flight left Thursday at 6:00 am… needless to say it was 12 hours of quick turn around… but I hope I created an unforgettable experience for him!IMG_3870
  • About a year ago I thought it would be fun to actually plan a ‘surprise party’ for him… and I immediately got to work. I have never actually hosted a surprise party so this was a first for me. I sent out invitations about five weeks ahead of time and secured the location six weeks in advanced. Then came the fun/tedious stuff. I ordered a cake from our local bakery, I ordered decorations from Etsy, and I purchased some must-have metallic balloons from the local party store. I did all of that about three weeks out… Maybe less. Then I reached out to my darling friend Mackenzie Van Dam to order sugar cookies as party favors, they were perfect! The day I arrived at the venue, I ordered assorted appetizers for about 50 people… and you all, we had a freaking party. Brendon was surprised to say the least!IMG_6232
  • I believe it is so important to celebrate people. There is nothing I love more than helping others feel special, loved and important. I hate walking through this earth feeling as if no one cares about you and no one would notice if you drifted away… So this day was so important for me to put my husband’s favorite people around him to make the big number feel a little less daunting. Every person on this planet deserves to be loved fiercely… I just think it is so easy for each of us to get overwhelmed with our own schedule that we forget to show love to those who we need the most.  IMG_6262

Thank you to all who came!  I think Brendon liked the party!

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  1. March 7, 2017 / 3:35 pm

    I love that you did this. I am obsessed with birthdays and, like you, think it’s really important to celebrate people. (Not to make this about me), but I don’t have a whole lot of people in my life that feel the same, so sometimes it sucks that it feels like no one wants to celebrate me. SO when I see other people continuing to do it, it makes me really happy. Also, phenomenal ideas. 🙂

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