My First Straight Juice Cleanse

img_5252I did my first ever full juice cleanse this week.  I wanted to give you a total good, bad and ugly review! I have done a few different types of cleanses… so I have a pretty good radar of strengths and weaknesses as well as pros and cons of cleanses.c700x420

  • I did the Raw Generation Skinny Cleanse. It contains six juices a day that you are asked to drink in no specific order. The juices are, two bottles of Energy & Endurance, Beauty & Brilliance, Refresh & Revitalize, Slim & Strong and Heal & Hydrate. The instructions were so easy! I am used to way more specific directions. The instructions were legitimately like … drink them, in no order, don’t eat anything else unless you are dying, then eat fresh fruits or veggies. Pretty simple. OH, and the best part… you can still have coffee (black) but that is a necessity for caffeine addicts everywhere! They came in a completely insulated box and were still essentially frozen. You thaw them 24 – 48 hours in advance… and there you have it, your juice cleanse! I traveled during my cleanse and I checked them like luggage and kept them in my hotel room for my trip… it was a logistical nightmare but I made it work!IMG_6265
  • The good: I did lose some lbs. Nothing I assume that will stay gone, but good to see your progress on the scale. The juices all tasted pretty good. There was not one that stood out as terrible to me or particularly more delicious than the others. By mid-morning on day two of the cleanse, I saw some ab muscles moving that I have never really seen before because of inflammation or extra puffiness I carry around. Having six juices a day is NECESSARY, because you need something to get you through the day. I LOVED being able to drink coffee. Every other cleanse I have done has made me drink tea which makes me feel guilty for drinking coffee the weeks after.  IMG_6273
  • The bad: OK, It has been YEARS since I only drank my meals for three days (like I did the lemon water and paprika Beyonce cleanse for four days a few years ago and quit when it made me puke – too acidic). I was fantasizing about food the entire time. Like timing the hours until I could eat something solid. That is NOT good… because there will be no long term effects of the cleanse. These were NOT smoothies or shakes… straight fluid, and if they separated it was maybe two tablespoons of fibers and the rest was water. Also, the juices were SWEET… A little intense by day three. I was a little bummed that they all had fruit and high sugars in them. I would have loved a little less sugar. I did not have more beautiful or clear skin. I was exhausted, and working out was terrible. Now, I just did a cleanse two weeks ago, so this is pretty intense of a negative reaction out of me. All other cleanses I have done have had lasting effects on me and the way I select food. Finally, do NOT plan on having a social life on this sucker. Seeing food is traumatizing. Also, HOW DO PEOPLE DO THIS FOR SIX DAYS?!?!SC_web_5698db4a-e42b-4ad3-a1ac-ada278bd2f43

Overall, I am proud of myself for doing it. I will have to up my game in the juice cleanse department though. All together, I consumed about 700 calories a day. If you are new to cleansing and looking for an option… this is too intense. I would veer in a different direction. If you are an avid cleanser, give it a shot! I thought the price was pretty reasonable!

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