The Birthday Bucket List

So, today is my birthday.  HBD ME!  I guess I am shocked it is here.  I figured for my celebration today I would talk about what is left on my bucket list.

My mom had a heart attack at 58.  She is healthy, she eats perfectly, she is fit and works out.  Her heart attack was purely stress related.  I have a lot of her in me.  Over Easter weekend, she wispered in my ear, "you know, you and I are a lot alike."  I wispered back, "but I plan on my first heart attack finishing me."  I have always been a lot and intense… so in my book, my heart attack will be more intense.  With that being said, I am over half way through my life in my head… which means it is time to start thinking about this stuff.  Morbid, but I want you to know it is all in jest.

Now: I have done A LOT!  I am so lucky.  I have been everywhere, seen everything, and been able to give gifts to people that make my heart sing.  So here is what is left.

My bucket list:

  • I want a crazy makeout under the northern lights.  Mostly so I can fulfill this song's lyrics.
  • I want to learn how to drink and appreciate a scotch neat.
  • I want to go to the Kentucky Derby… and bet on a horse.
  • I want to climb a mountain… like an overnight experience… like Rainer.
  • I want to write a book.
  • I want to go on a week long yoga retreat where I wake up every morning and get right with my soul.  No phones, on the beach somewhere hard to get to.  I'll take some spa treatments on this trip too.
  • I want to buy an OLD house and completely renovate it in all of it's glory… like what my parents did.
  • I want to build a home on my parents property, so I can show my family what it feels like to live in the peace of the Pacific Northwest.
  • I want to take dance lessons, so when I go to parties I actually know how to partner dance… and all of them!  I want to two-step, I want to waltz, I want to partner dance to every song on the radio… music is better when you are dancing to it… Life is better when you are not alone.
  • I want to endow a scholarship.  Or give a huge donation and have something named after my family.
  • I want to find a signature fragrance.  For a long time I wore Creed Spring Flowers, but it is not complex enough for me any more.  Now I am wearing Carven but I feel like it is a little trendy.  For a minute I wore Bond No 9 Scent of Peace, which I really like, but I just want classic.  Something that every time a person hugs me they smell me and think, oh yeah that is KJ.
  • I want to write an acceptance speech, and have a reason to give it.  Not because I want to win anything, but I want to publicly thank all of the people I need in my life… and I want the world to know I need them.
  • I want to, once, fly in a private jet… or Ill take someone's helicopter.
  • I want to visit Rio, Istanbul and Moscow.
  • I want to take a class on wine and understand the year why people spend so much time smelling and swirling their glasses… or why you smell the cork.
  • I want someone to surprise me.  Like with a party or vacation or something.  I am super perceptive and honestly have never had my hair blown back with a surprise.  Except when I won president of the year at WSU for Kappa Delta… Only surprise ever.
  • I want to have a baby.  I really want to be a mom.
  • I want to remove my tattoo.


  1. Jacob
    April 27, 2017 / 7:26 am

    The reason people smell the cork when they open a bottle of wine is they foolishly believe it will help them tell if the wine has gone bad (in reality, the cork will smell like cork).You smell the wine because the smell improves the taste and swirling it releases more aroma.

  2. Adrianna
    April 27, 2017 / 8:05 am

    This really speaks to me. My dad died 2 weeks ago from his 3rd heart attack at age 56. I’m already 28, half his age when he died. I need to get to this business of living LIFE; running towards it with hands and arms outstretched. There is no promise of tomorrow.

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