A Beach… Somewhere

IMG_6934If you follow me at all on social media… You already know I took a little beach vacation the other week.  I wanted to give you all the skinny of my trip!FullSizeRender-6

  • I had never been to the Outer Banks in North Carolina.  Let me tell you it was pretty relaxing and remote!   I went with a group of people and we all rented a house in Salvo, NC (which is about a mile south of Rodanthe… like the movie).  It was honestly the most chill vacation I have ever been on.  I am not the kind to not have an agenda, so this trip was a total departure from what I am used to.  The most refreshing aspect of the entire trip was the fact that the only thing I worried about each day was sunscreen.  I did not wear makeup, at all.  I washed the salt water and chlorine off my skin and out of my hair, and slept.  That was it.  FullSizeRender-3
  • We went a little early in the season so it was a little windier then I was anticipating.  This unfortunately means there was not as many opportunities for paddle-boarding as I had hoped, which I was dying to do on this trip.  It even got a little cold at night and in the morning.  You can see in the pictures the clouds rolling in and out each day.  I was able to run in the mornings and walk a little at night after it cooled off.  Salvo is one of the more remote areas of the Outer Banks.  So there was little to distract any of us from our extreme relaxing.FullSizeRender-15
  • My favorite part of the trip was when we took a day trip to Ocracoke, Island.  The only way to get to this island is by ferry and I LOVED IT.  There were adorable little shops and awesome restaurants that served you fish they caught that morning. We ate at Danjo, and it was spectacular!  I had the fish tacos, and let me go ahead and recommend the Green Goddess cocktail… you will not regret it… I had three (at lunch).   This island was my sprit place.  It also is home of one of the Outer Banks Pony sanctuaries… so of course I forced everyone to stop at the ponies! Ocracoke is SUPER hard to get to but by far had some of the coolest culture and history!  In my opinion it was the best part of the vacay… and worth the drive!

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend you check out OBX in your lifetime!  Get yourself a little beach house and get ready to get LOST… because it is remote to say the least!

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