Summer = Conventions

IMG_0457OK, so I know there are TONS of you all out there who are going to your sorority gatherings this summer.  They are crazy spectacular… This year, my dear Kappa Delta showed up and showed out.  Here are the highlights:IMG_0421

  • This resort you all. I am going to come back as a bird who gets to just live there when I die.  The Biltmore in Phoenix is beautiful.  It feels like you are in the middle of the desert, but you are actually in Scottsdale.  The grounds are so green and peaceful.  You all know I have a thing for Arizona, I do love it there.  Usually at large conferences such as these… hotels go up, literally.  And going from floor to floor to meet up with your friends can feel tedious.  I think because of the grounds and the vibe of the resort was so spread out there was a WAY stronger sense of community.  Going to your sister’s room to drop something off or pick her up was enjoyable and beautiful!  It was like walking around a garden instead of waiting at an elevator bank.
  • Two of my good friends and former Consultants, Whitney and Sister Shook, and myself ran a preference ceremony and workshop. Which was weirdly funny… When people were ending the evening or headed to bed, we were headed to Pref practice.  I felt like I was in recruitment for the sorority all over again.    I loved working with them on this and watching them shine in their roles… honestly, I am so used to always being the facilitator in my job… It was so cool seeing these women do a bomb job empowering college women and they did not even need me!
  • Finally, some of my favorite friends, mentors, and sisters and I had a TON of quality time. I laughed a lot.  Naming each of you would take three days, but you all have my heart.  I met people I had not had the opportunity to.  I cried at ritual (yeah, I’m extra).  I got to know my sisters on a deeper level.  I have new inside jokes and memories for days.  My cup was running over.  When you feel loved you have the ability to love. There is nothing like being up so early and to bed so late, completely surrounded by only your friends that makes you totally forget every issue waiting back at home for you.  It is the most intense vacation for your mind.  The thing that takes over your thoughts are creative solutions to continue to lift up women, making sure you wake up on time to get out of your room, wondering if your shoes will hurt at the end of the day… and mostly making sure you get to squeeze every person you love in the hotel. IMG_0459

I LOVE conventions.  They are beautiful… they are what powerful female friendships are all about.  I hope you have a place that makes you feel as awake, present, loved and happy as what I have found in Kappa Delta.

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