True Love You Were Grown In

IMG_7471“Your soul is pure golden, Must’ve been true love you were grown in.” – Kip Moore

I have nothing but amazing things to say about my life growing up.  The property my parents raised my sister and I in feels like my soul.  The food, weather, scenery, and lifestyle… it is the BIGGEST part of my identity.  I made the ACTIVE decision to go home for as long as possible this summer.  I wanted to recharge, wake up to the view of the sound and the mountains while listening to the birds begin their morning songs at 4:00 am.  Here were the highlights:FullSizeRender-35

  • I purposefully scheduled NOTHING during this trip.  I told one person my agenda was as follows; working, working out, wine, relaxing, and enjoying nature.  I spent so many evenings sitting on the patio furniture at my parents house watching the sun set as I read.  I facetimed friends.  My childhood bedroom looks over the Cascades.  When the sun rises they are lit in the most spectacular way.  I almost cried every morning watching it happen.  The weather was PERFECT for my entire trip… I actually knocked on wood I was in such disbelief.  On Sunday I went on a hike… which was honestly a highlight.  I love the outdoors, and this fed me in a way I have not been able to fulfill myself in a while. FullSizeRender-50
  • Seeing my sister and her precious children was so intensely amazing my heart hurt. Both my niece and my nephew are at such a fun age I just wanted to cry each day.  Bri and I did plenty of fun stuff!  I spent the 4th of July with her on Bainbridge Island where she lives and we watched the fireworks there.  We also spent the weekend at my parents house making meals, drinking wine, going to the beach and the lake, and just living life with no agenda.  I love our friendship… We fought like cats and dogs as kids, so I am constantly thankful we grew to love each other so fiercely.  FullSizeRender-41
  • I am CONSTANTLY thankful for the friendships I have maintained since childhood.  My dear friend Heather (congrats on your dissertation defense sister!)  and I had ‘brunch’ one day and I got to meet her perfect son Miles!  I also spent quit a bit of time with Chelsie and Mike, my homies.  We went to a Mariners game on the 3rd… which was another bucket list item of mine for the visit!  I am SO thankful for Chelsie!  The fact that I can call her and say, I am coming home for my favorite holiday and you are responsible for me… and she says ‘YES!’ makes me feel like a million dollars.  Having lifelong friendships are so important because these people know everything about you.  They know your parents, they know about all of your speeding tickets, they know about your rebellious stage and they know your heart.IMG_7507

I am so lucky I have a life where I get to spend two weeks in my heart.  I am lucky I have my home.  My goal has always been to return to the PNM and raise a few more girls like me.  Being home reminds me of who I am, my strength, my roots, where I came from, what I am made of and where I am going.  My family is one of the most clear mirrors into my heart… this trip helped me see myself clearly for the first time in a long time.  I love you PNM, your people, your beauty and your values… I promise to come back to you.

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