Don’t Let The Only Real One Intimidate You.

IMG_7644I am fully aware that today was supposed to be the Nordstrom Sale, but unfortunately only half of my purchased items I had shipped to me have arrived.  They are arriving later today, so tomorrow will be the #NSaleFullSizeRender-56

This past weekend I went on a girls trip to Austin, Texas.  Keep Austin Weird.  We kept it weird alright… real weird.

I have this friend, her name is Helen.  I call her H or Sweet Baby Helen or SBH.  She has been one of the best things about my past year, getting to know her.  For her birthday this year she requested a girls trip.  It was epic.  We have been planning it for a year, which only amped it up more.  The group kept saying we were going to get weird… so getting into it I WAS READY for, no sleep, lots of tex-mex and all of the weirdness. IMG_7598

Side note: One of my absolute FAVORITE songs this summer is DJ Khaled – I’m The One.  We used it as one of our hype songs this past weekend.  And I drank as much of that GOLD CIROC as I could find… so laid back.  I know every lyric… This weekend I felt like I was Bieber.  FullSizeRender-51

  • Girls trips can be tough, because people want to over-plan them. They want something on the itinerary for each second… but that leaves no room for spontaneity and it adds stress, which adds tension.  This trip was AMAZING.  There was a loose itinerary, but nothing nailed down.  Each person was so fun and dynamic in their own way!  We all just celebrated each person and what makes them awesome.  We lived our best lives. I am 100% NOT A PLANNER.  I don’t like feel tied down.  So, this was my vibe.IMG_7606
  • We went to dinner on Friday at Stella San Jac, which was recommended to us by one of my favorite foodies… the cocktails were amaing!  We wrapped up that night  out on 6th street.  Saturday, we drove out to Deep Eddy’s Distillery and did a tasting.  That night we made dinner at our Air B&B and had a dinner party for Helen’s birthday!  Finally, we ended on Saturday night at Container Bar on Rainey… which was AMAZING.  Austin is so fun, you just cannot believe it but every corner you turn has great food, artsy and imaginative people, and something that will make you fall in love.  I love live music and outdoor bars, and Austin has plenty of that to go around.  FullSizeRender-55
  • Finally, my friends are the realeast. They are rad.  There is not enough LANGUAGE in the dictionary for me to tell you how perfect they are for me.  I don’t want to do life without my friends. Here is why: I am a lot.  I am pretty extroverted, I really like feeling things and feelings.  In my life, I have always been made to feel ashamed about that because I am not, cool, laid back or chill.  These people create situations for me to be an 11 on a scale of 1-10 every day.  They WANT me to live my best life.  They want me to be exactly who I am.  And I do the same for them.  I celebrate their quirks.  I celebrate the pieces of their character that are like no other. FullSizeRender-52

Celebrate your friendship.  Tell your people what you love about them and do it often.  Everyone deserves pure love and support from someone who sees the best in them – that can be you. Yeah, You’re Lookin’ at the Truth.  See you Watchin… Don’t run out of time.

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