My Top Picks – #NSale

IMG_0587Here are the top pics from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for 2017!  Have fun shopping it this year!


#1,2,3 – Workout gear!  The workout gear on sale this year was BY FAR the best department!  I bought TONS of stuff.  My favorite was these Alo Leggings and Zella long sleeve top and Zella Perforated bomber jacket(SO CUTE)!  I love Alo, it is half of what I wear with Lululemon, so anything they put on the sale I would have purchased!  Over half of what I bought throughout the sale was from the active department, so make sure you spend a lot of time sifting though here.


#4,5,6 OK… This is my stretch purchase!  I LOVED this Kimono when I tried it on, so I figured it was not TOO expensive to take a risk on.  These McGuire Jeans were ABSOLUTELY NOT on my radar when i steped into the store, but the fit was UNBELIEVEABLE!  The sale pair is out of stock, but I had to tell you all about them because they are that bomb.  Finally these slides are everywhere in magazines and I decided that $60 was a fair investment into a trend I did not know if I was going to be crazy about.

# 7 & 8 – AGAIN, I was so into the jeans, I purchased everything McGuire made for the sale.  This McGuire Top is felt and really comfy, plus the sleeves are pretty fun.  OK the bad news is my FAVORITE pair of shoes I purchased are These Kate Spade Sneakers and they are unfortunately sold out.  I am so sorry, but talk to a sales associate… there is always returns!


#9 & 10 I went out on a limb to buy this Wayf Dress in velvet.  I jumped on the trend bandwagon pretty hard, but I always thing you have to dip your foot in these passing trends to at least try it… I mean you cannot knock it until you try it.  (PS – This dress is WAY more yellow in person, but it is hard to tell in the lighting of my room) Finally these Black pumps were pretty fun and you can always use a pair of black shoes.


#11 & #12 – OK – I have to focus a little on products.  These Dr. Dennis Gross wipes will change your face regiment game!  I began using them a few years ago and I SWEAR by them!  They are great at preventing and reversing the signs of early aging.  OK my HUGE splurge and something I just fell in LOVE with the minute I saw it was this  Kendra Scott Tray  in a bright green.  It is PERFECTION in person!

#13 & #14  The craziest most out of character outfit I purchased was These Jeans by Frame Denim and This leather Jacket from TopShop.  I LOVE frame.  They fit me so well.  I could buy any pair and be confident in them.  The number one thing I walked into this sale saying I needed was a leather jacket.  I tried on the designer one, the Ted Baker one and EVERY single jacket on sale… and decided this Topshop one was the best cut…. It also happened to be the cheapest!  Thank the LORD!

Finally #15 – What I WISH I WOULD HAVE BOUGHT!  I love these Pillow cases by Slip… I have three of them!  I travel with one.  This is SUCH a great deal!  They help keep product on your face and help with fly-aways and breakage in your hair!pillow.jpg

Sorry for the dark pictures!  I had to get these taken and on the internet ASAP!  Enjoy the blog and ENJOY SHOPPING!



  1. Anonymous
    July 22, 2017 / 10:22 am

    the wayf dress is spectacular!

    • July 24, 2017 / 3:56 am

      It is pretty awesome! Velvet is making a comeback!

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