The Perfect Memphis Wedding

AS Wed 9I have a deep LOVE for all things Memphis.  I feel like half of my heart is in this city!  It is the home of Kappa Delta Headquarters and some of the fondest memories I have with my Steel Mimosas and COUNTLESS other sisters.  I went to Memphis a few weeks ago for my darling friends, Allison and Scott’s wedding.  Both are BORN AND RAISED residents of Memphis and their wedding was so special!AS Wed 8

  • First thing’s first.  Since it is the city of my sisters, I had plenty of places to stay and the minute I touched down I felt swept up by the sisterhood of Kappa Delta.  I went out to dinner and drinks with a group of girls from Headquarters at this AWESOME restaurant in Mid-town called The Local.  We woke up plenty early the next morning to work out.  This was the first time EVER I have taken a cross fit class, we went to a place called Cross Fit Hit & Run… Let me tell you, it was rough.  The coach was not amused with my personality… or the fact that I was literally resisting burpees where you lay ALL THE WAY DOWN because I did not want to get my shirt dirty (It was a brand new sparkling white Lululemon tank… and NO I am not going to lay on my chest on this sticky gross floor I just watched that dude spit on…) I eventually just took it off and went sports bra style.  Casual.  After we went to the Memphis Farmer’s Market to get post workout smoothies and breakfast Tacos!  AS Wed 5
  • The wedding was so fun!  There were tons of KD’s there from Headquarters and from Allison’s chapter at Furman.  I love going to weddings where I have tons of friends and I get to meet everyone’s boo cakes’!  After the wedding I was fortunate enough to experience a Memphis classic I have never lived before… RAIFORD’S!  This place is infamous.  I have always heard about this classic Memphis disco but have never gone.  It is WILD, there is no way to express it except for me to tell you to go if you ever get a chance to visit the city… and you have the stamina!AS Wed 7
  • Finally, Allison and Scott did such a beautiful job celebrating the city they love with so many simple touches at their wedding!  The song they danced to was Walking in Memphis, which I about cried watching!  They served a quintessential Memphis meal including, Gus’s Fried Chicken.  The wedding Logo was the Memphis ‘M’ Bridge in classic Memphis Blue!  Scott and Allison LOVE the Grizzlies and their exit used bright yellow Grizzly growl towels that said, ‘Grit. Grint. All Heart.’   Also, their wedding band was so fun!  The Tyrone Smith Review was one of Scott’s favorites from his days at Ole Miss!  Finally, my ABSOLUTELY favorite part was Allison’s dress which was her Mother’s dress AND her older sister’s dress – She is the third woman in her family to wear it.  It was so beautiful.  I LOVE this sister so much, she has such a pure heart and is one of the most dedicated friends on the planet.  I have never seen her SO happy and I am thankful for Scott and him just being a part of her life to make her smile like that every day.AS Wed 4

Thank you to all of my KD sisters for playing with me that weekend!  I love you so much Kim Lewis and crew for showing me such an awesome Memphis Weekend!

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