The Summer Slow Down


One of the questions I get most frequently is, 'Do you slow down over the summer?'  And the answer is generally… No.  In between summer conferences, company gatherings and additional trainings… Summers are BUSY.  Here are a few things I have done this summer that have kept me moving:FullSizeRender-59

  • Consultant Trainings:  We always train plenty of Headquarter's staff members.  Between visiting their Headquarters to actually hosting our own trainings, we are busy.  These days are always especially awesome because the attendees are generally pretty spectacular!  They are the movers and shakers in their own organizations and they were hand picked for this job so you know they are bomb.IMG_0577
  • Other gatherings:  This year my company hosted a donor reception for the AFA Foundation.  It is always good to see friends who don't live near you, plus meeting new people  But events like these are always on the books over summer because it is everyone's down time.  My boss Jessica put together a pretty MEAN spread for this little gathering.
  • Finally one of my personal favorites is ALWAYS our staff retreat.  This year we went to Oliver Winery, we canoed, and we tried as hard as possible to just chill.  We have added a ton of new staff members to our team in the past year and it is crazy just how much we are changing as a company.  I think the relationships we have with each other is one of the most important aspects of why our team functions… plus I LOVE getting to know these new people. 

This summer has been PACKED with one thing after another.  I cannot believe August begins next week.  We are winding down and getting ready for the crazy time.  It is coming!

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