So Long Summer

IMG_0688Well At least for me!  You all are probably looking forward to the entire month of August, watermelons, long days and hot temps!  I on the other hand am preparing for the CRAZIEST time of my year!IMG_0791

  • I had to live up a little more summer before I totally hit the road.  That means I needed to attend at least ONE family style cookout.  Last weekend I was lucky enough to go to my friend, Helen’s family reunion.  Her mom is Italian and is one of ten siblings.  It was a BLAST meeting everyone!  There were kids everywhere, more food then I have ever seen in my life and of course the MOST amazing Italian dishes ever.  I could smell the garlic from the driveway!  It was so fun… I love my friends.  Helen and Sarah were both at the birthday party (obvi Helen’s b-day) I went to in Austin a few weeks back, and spending time with both of them makes me feel more comfortable in my own skin.  I feel like whenever I hang out with anyone from this group I walk away loving myself a little bit more… this is what great friendship should feel like.IMG_7768
  • I also took the weekend to get right with my soul.  I woke up early and did a yoga class, got a facial and get on the water and do a little paddle boarding.  Being outside is a MAJOR stress reliever for me.  I LOVE walking around outside or just getting sitting on the steps outside of a building for a minute, so being able to enjoy this paddle board experience was everything I needed.  It is not summer for me without plenty of time outside, weird tan lines and water.  (Plus the extra core work makes me feel like I accomplished something!
  • Finally, I leave today to head to my first ‘day of August.’  I speak and travel every day until the 25th of August (my first day off) and again I am back at it on the 26th and go, go, go.  Per usual I start primarily in the deep south then start to branch out ending with my week in California.  I will be visiting a few of my old favorites but adding in some new places as well!  I LOVE this time of year, but it is super daunting just looking at everything that is coming.  I always wonder if I can do it.  I wonder if I will have a mental breakdown.  I wonder if I am still good at my job.  I wonder if they will like me.  I wonder if it will feed me.  I wonder if I will have travel delays.  Nothing is for certain, except that my life is an adventure… and I can’t wait to see what happens next.IMG_0769

Tomorrow I will do a packing update!  I will talk about what has changed and what has stayed the same!  I am pretty excited about a few new things I have purchased to prepare me for this fall!  Love you all!  Wish me luck!

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