Preparing for August

IMG_2315August has begun!  For those of you who are not as familiar, I work every single day in the month of August, minus the 25th (that is my one day off).  This means I wake up in my hotel, drive to campus, speak for at least 5 hours, jump in my rental car, fly to the next city, grab the new rental car, check into my hotel… and do it all over again.  It can be pretty exhausting.  It takes a LOT of prep work to survive, let alone thrive.IMG_3759

  • The Physical Stuff.  The physicality of this is enough to take you out.  Sleeping less then 7 hours a night for 50 days straight.  Being ‘ON’ every moment of every day.  Trouble shooting travel mishaps.  Putting makeup on every day.  Finding time to workout, eat healthy and drink water.  Flying on an airplane – germs, altitude, popping ears, scrunched in your cold seat.  And my job is not just speaking alone, it is strategically creating new and creative curriculum every moment that is going to meet the needs of the lives in front of you.  It takes crazy prep to get ready for this.  Not only before hand but during as well.  I OFTEN find myself saying no to that free glass of wine on the plane or that plate of cookies that passes by at every school I speak at, just to stay focused and energized.  I work really hard to carve out time to workout and get outside, because staying physically strong makes you way more mentally strong.img_2736
  • The Mental Toughness.  My love languages are quality time and physical touch.  I have almost NO LOVE throughout this entire period.  Not to mention I am fairly extroverted and this season of work can be rather lonely at times.  The positive attitude I have adopted, as well as my deep connection to my ‘why,’ gets me through this experience.  This year I am focusing on creating a team or a circle of people I can call to help me stay upbeat and engaged… I have struggled with feeling totally alone during this time in previous years; so this year I want it to feel like more of a community out there for myself.IMG_2429
  • The Attention To Detail.  It takes a CRAZY person to be able to piece this entire pie together… not to mention plenty of favors from friends.  Having over 30 flights booked, not to mention rental cars and hotels can feel like a LOT of pressure to be perfect and have everything turn out perfectly; which it NEVER does.  Another one of my goals for this year is to not let the travel stuff stress me out.  It is pretty easy to get wrapped up in your delayed flight and have a complete meltdown over how much sleep you will be missing and how exhausted you feel in this exact moment.  In 2017, I want to be ok with whatever wave hits me and know that I am exactly where I need to be in each moment.IMG_3774

I am excited about this month and all of the people I will meet and once in a lifetime experiences I will get to have!  I am HONORED to do this work and I feel constantly lucky that I am so acutely aware of what I was created to do.  I am a lucky girl.  LETS DO AUGUST!IMG_3780

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