Thanks For The Love

August has kicked off without a second of hesitation! I honestly could not have done this month, or anything without my best friends and favorite people!  You all mean the world to me and I never knew true selflessness until I knew you all.  If you ever want to know why friendship matters… Here it is:

  • When your life is so busy you feel upside down half of the time, yiou need people.   I have been working SUPER hard on asking for help when I need it for the past few months.  That has always been IMPOSSIBLY hard for me.  But I read a book recently that talked about how people can never know you need help unless you ask… So I have been asking for a lot more help.  And in return I have felt so much support from the people who are important to me.  Here is my LOVE shoutouts to the people who have carried me through this month.  Thanks for the help…
  • Love is the person who drives over an hour from their home to spend the night with you in your hotel room to share a bottle of wine (or two) eat dinner and sit criss cross apple sauce talking until the wee morning hours. Love is the person who cares when you call crying about losing your bkr water bottle and bends over backwards to make sure you replace it.  Love is the person who messages you, ‘call me,’ and ‘call again,’ and, ‘call now…’ when they know you need to hear their voice more than anything – but you stubbornly want to act like you’re ‘fine.’  So thanks for dropping everything on a weekend afternoon to buy me the best macaroons in Texas or bring me a bag of jelly beans.  Thank you for sitting on the phone with me for hours as I sit alone in my hotel room or drive across Oklahoma.  Thank you for driving all over town to get me a healthy meal, when I turn around and eat a cookie.  I love you for checking my mail, sending me my mail and collecting all of my packages from my online shopping addiction.  This August  I will teach people to love each other the way you have loved me.
  • This past weekend I spent Saturday evening (when America was watching a fight) with my best friend from childhood.  Her and I grew up dancing together, playing with dolls and talking about boys.  We do not talk every day like we did in High School… I think things change, but sitting with her on her couch in LA, it felt like nothing had changed.  I WISH I had been better about staying in contact with her from graduation until today, but I still love Alisha fiercely, and I want to try to be better at that part of my life.  I have been super passionate about the idea of friendship lately.  I did not focus on my friends nearly enough in the past.  I figured friends were people you hung out with when you wanted to enjoy yourself… I had no idea they were the people who carried you through when you found it hard to enjoy anything.  We as a culture don’t think about friendship.  How it shapes us, or how it changes or evolves.  We don’t think our friends are the ones who we are imperfect around… but I have realized they are the army of people who carry you when your bottom drops out.

This is for you… this is for us.  Thank you for fixing me.  You have been the light that guides me home and ignites my bones.  I hope I can make you feel my love from my lonely hotel rooms across this great country.

I don’t stop traveling until September 24th so the concept of ‘AUGUST,’ is not over!


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