When I travel, I get the chance to connect with so many individuals on a really deep level. I have an amazing job where I get to create personal bonds with people I randomly meet. Unfortunately, I have to immediately leave town and fly on to the next place.

I really wanted to have an opportunity to stay connected in some way with those I’ve met and shared so many laughs, cries, and snacks with. That’s why I started this blog, so I could share with everyone what I’m up to and so everyone could have a chance to write back to me. I feel a honest and true connection with the people I meet and I hope this blog will serve as a way to make those connections even more substantial and last longer then just a day or two.

Finally… I know there are a lot of blogs out there, I follow tons.  This blog is not filtered, edited or perfected.  It is me.  I wish when I was younger I had more role models of real people being imperfect yet perfect to me.  There are a lot of crappy pics, no makeup shots and unflattering images.  Well my life, like yours, has crappy times, no makeup moments and unflattering memories… I will have to get over it.  Hopefully you will find the raw authenticity refreshing… I am doing this for you.  I don’t need the validation, I just want to help.