Love Letters


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I love what I do! When someone asks me what motivates me, I always give the same answer … THE PEOPLE!!! Below are some messages I’ve received from a few of the amazing souls I work with on a daily basis. I think you’ll see why I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to do what I do.

Hi KJ,

I met you for the second time this past spring at AFLV WEST, I currently serve as my school’s  Panhellenic President. I saw you speak for the first time when I was a sophomore. At the end of your talk I was hooked, I decided that I wanted to be a sorority woman like you, totally dedicated, passionate and loving. Every time I make a decision for my community there are a few people I think about and what they would say before I make a final decision, and you are most definitely one of those people. I appreciate what you do for Greek communities across the nation! You have changed so many lives, including my own, and for that I thank you!

People are better people because you are around them. I know my community is expecting you in the fall, so I look forward to seeing you again and learning more from you! Thank you for all that you do KJ! You are truly an inspiration.



 Hey girl, I got to experience your wonderful presentation today and wanted to email you before I forget. I came up to you after your talk and thanked you but I wanted to let you know how awesome today was. I never felt like I wanted to be Greek going into my freshman year and it’s crazy how much that’s changed. I have no one better to thank than my chapter for how much I have grown as a person, working on our exec board and getting the amazing opportunity to be a Pi Chi. You made me realize and appreciate not only my house but so many others on a different level.

I think what you taught us today doesn’t go unnoticed what so ever and we all can carry important lessons in the future. Everyone felt the same and I just want you to know you’re exactly the type of person many of us aspire to be. Anyways I know I’m rambling but opportunities to reflect on things important to me are always nice to have now and then and thats exactly what today was. I’d just like to thank you again for everything it was an awesome day and one I’ll definitely carry with me! Good luck with your blog and all your travels!



I am a new member of a sorority at TCU, and I attended your presentation in our chapter room when you came to campus a while back. I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to contact you, but I really wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your incredible, touching, and hilarious talk. I know I am in great company when I say you touched every girl in that chapter room with your adorable nature, blunt honesty about the struggles of being a sorority woman (or just a woman in general), and your takeaways from entering the sisterhood. I admire you greatly and hope that one day I can speak to girls in a similar manner and do it with as much class, humor, and spunk as you. Thank you for dedicating your time and for being vulnerable and honest with us about your experiences.

You acted as a mentor for us, as I’m sure you have many other women whom you’ve spoken to. I am not your typical sorority girl and some of my close friends outside of our chapter question why I joined as I don’t drink, am not a huge partier, and don’t care about formals or mixers with boys too much. However, I explain to them that you can take many things away from being in a sisterhood during your time in college and beyond, and I joined to meet girls and create relationships which will last long past my youthful college days.

I explain to them that I want to shine and become a leader, a woman for others, a catalyst for change in the world, and a force to be reckoned with, all the while receiving support and love from my sisters. You iterated perfectly that aspect of sorority life, and now i can more clearly explain to others the real purpose of sorority life behind the facade of the parties, drinking, frats, and mixers: sisterhood. I wish you the best of luck in the future as you continue to travel the country and touch the hearts of other sorority women.


Hi KJ,

It’s KM from a chapter at Washington College. In case you need to place a face, I was the one who brought you your pizza from the restaurant&#X1f60a I just wanted to write and say that I appreciated you coming so much and just like the first time you came, I learned so much and told everyone I know about it. I admire your candor and your engaging take on life and sororities. I think that everyone needs reminders sometimes of what is important and you have been able to give me those reminders at the most perfect times.

The quote you read about our greatest fear is actually one of my favorites and my mom and I both have copies of it hanging in our rooms. I’ve gone through a lot of changes in college and big life decisions, but you were right that it was my sisters that got me through. They remind of who I am everyday and when I start straying from that they remind me of all the reasons that who I am is so important and necessary. I really loved your reference to how you’re being yourself when you’re doing weird middle school sh*t because I truly feel that all the versions of ourselves are created when we stop being kids. I think back to all the times I ran down store aisles or sang loudly or hummed a monotone tune and didn’t care what anyone thought. I was doing things because it represented me and I was happy with that.

I also love when you ask people to consider who is the most selfless person they know because again it is a reminder of all that we respect and admire. My hope after both times of doing that activity was to one day be as selfless as my Gramps and for someone to think of me in that way. I honestly can’t even fathom how tiring your job must be, but I just wanted you to know that for two days you doing this job meant so much to me. I’ve learned so much from you and admire you and hopefully if you’re ever having another pimento cheese dark day you’ll remember how much you’ve done for so many people! Thank you again for coming and safe travels!

Sorority Love and Mine (Since you’re an honorary member&#X1f60a)


Hi KJ!

 It was a pleasure hearing you speak this past weekend. I was moved by your keynote on “Imperfect: I’m Perfect” and still reflecting on the nuggets of wisdom you implanted. I simply want to say thank you; thank you for coming to speak, for digging deep, for continuing the conversation afterwards, and the biggest hug even though my face was tear-stained. I appreciate that you demonstrated vulnerability in your keynote, and lead by example to show that it’s okay to be real. Especially in a success-oriented world where we are judged by what we do and accomplish and not who we are, you provided insight on dealing with perfection in our own arenas that I will not take lightly. You are a joy to be with and a light in the world. Thank you.
All my love,